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Animal Capture is a dependable 24 hour nuisance wildlife control firm in the Tampa Bay area.   Our service calls include the inspection of the home to locate possible points of entry for urban wildlife.  We then provide a written estimate for any repairs necessary and schedule a repair date.  After the openings are closed and no new intruders can move in, we then remove the original nuisance critters with traps or excluders. Our repairs are permanent and guaranteed.

We specialize in providing practical wildlife solutions to your problem of attic noises and those annoying scratches and bumps in the night.  Animal Capture of Florida offers round the clock response and full range of services.  Our business opened in 1994, after five years of experience with Hillsborough County Animal Services. Then eight years with Florida Fish & Wildlife as an Alligator Control Agent. Let us remove that Florida Critter, control their reentry and give you peace of mind.  Nobody should stay for free.  For questions or to schedule an appointment call 813-628-8449 Hillsborough, or 727-545-8449 Pinellas, or e-mail us.

Animal Capture of Florida is the ONLY Florida based wildlife control company with:

  • National Certification with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • A Florida State Certified Animal Control Operator on staff
  • Board Member Florida Wildlife Control Association, FLWCA.org