Squirrel Removal


Florida is home to three species of squirrels, the Eastern Gray (cute, with a fluffy tail), the Fox, and the Southern Flying Squirrel (small with a flat rudder type tail).  They enjoy both woodland and urban areas and are most active during the day, often feeding on the ground, and attracted to openings in trees and YOUR HOME! Your home is like a big dead tree in the eyes of these furry tailed invaders. They will find a way in and continue to chew the wood to help keep their teeth sharp. We have found 220 electrical wire casing stripped on a 20 foot run across the rafters of an attic. One New Years Eve we found one inside a wall that had chewed wiring insulation down to the bare copper. Lucky we found it before the light was turned on.

Squirrels can cause problems by chewing on plants, tree bark and other landscaping as well as plastic items, like electrical wiring insulation or even wood siding on houses and out-buildings. Lead and vinyl are especially tasty.


A squirrels pastime.

Roof leak waiting to happen!



Stuck in a wall.

We found this guy with our flexible camera before a larger hole was cut so we could get him out. Sometimes the mother attempts to go after the young-one and then she is unable to escape either. If they die then the smell will add a bit of urgency to the problem.