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This is a Florida King Snake that came from a toilet tank

Eastern Diamondback

Eastern Diamondback

Non-Venomous snakes are natures pest control, unless they are in your house. Then they are just creepy. That is when we can step in to help. We can remove them and return your house to normal again. Florida has 44 different snakes to keep up with. Asking for a identification of a snake over the phone is as dangerous as getting a medical opinion without an office visit. Would you ask if a chest pain is dangerous over a phone? Why risk getting bitten by a deadly snake because a phone service takes a guess. Newborn and juvenile snakes can resemble poisonous adults and vice versa. Why take a chance? We hold a State Permit for the Possession of Venomous Snakes. They trust us, and now so can you. Florida’s large population of rats, mice, frogs create the perfect buffet for Florida’s snakes. A bumper crop of food gives us a bumper crop of reptiles. Supply and demand. It is spring time when the snakes get amorous and our calls start coming in. Black racers are the first to make their appearance as the males start competing with each other for the females. They do a dance that includes them standing up a foot or more into the air as they wrap around each other. Conservationists anticipate this time and the homeowner dreads it. Warm weather signals the time to start yard work again. As mulch and other things get moved around the yard, snake hiding places are exposed. Time to call and have traps set. Remember us for when the family panics!

Venomous Snakes are only allowed to be handled by a Legally Permitted person.

For information on Florida’s Snakes visit Venomous Snakes, or Non-Venomous Snakes.