Pocket Gopher Mounds

Pocket Gopher

Pocket Gopher captured by one of our Technicians

Pocket Gopher Mounds

The start of a minor Pocket Gopher issue.


Pocket Gopher Removal

Pocket Gopher Removal is becoming more common as the weather cools. Lets explore them just a bit.

Pocket Gophers are beautifully adapted for life underground. Less than a foot long and short brown fur. Eyes and ears are on the small side, as they don’t get a lot of use. Large teeth and large claws give an indication of where their abilities lie. They are great tunnelers and love to eat the roots and tubers that they find as they dig. When their stomachs are full, they store them in an underground pantry for use at a later date. The term “pocket” refers to their method of transporting food in their cheeks. They prefer to dig in sand and that makes them a happy Florida resident. A good indication of their presence will include large mounds of dirt, usually following a progressive trail. Picture a nice pretty green lawn with brown mounds scattered over it. The males and females live a solitary life until it is time to go courting. Fall is the time for babies and then the family expands their territory into surrounding areas. A pocket gopher litter contains two to five young, and about a month and a half later they are on their own. They create a highway system under the surface and will ruin the day for a landscaper. Favorite areas include golf-courses, sports fields, common areas in neighborhoods and  open areas of commercial properties. We can trap the offending critters and eliminate the mounds for you in just a short time. Pocket Gophers are a breeze for us, and we are a great solution for your yard damage. “Caddy Shack” had a gopher on a golf course that knew how to dance. Ask for our no explosives guarantee!