Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal in Hunters Green

On this bat removal project we took this photo before repairs were started. We closed the openings, set the exclusion equipment and four days later we were done. New Tampa area of Tampa.

Sometimes bat removal can be the best option within certain guidelines. Florida has 13 resident bat species and some can live for more than thirty years. Florida’s native bats are insectivorous which means they eat insects. They normally give birth from mid-April through July. Rabies, a virus usually transmitted from a bite, affects a very small portion of the bat population in Florida. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory illness caused by a fungus. Bats are mainly beneficial in that they devour thousands of insects a night. Bat guano has been successfully used as a fertilizer. The downside is the growing piles of guano and they leave black stains at the entrance of any 1/4 inch gap they can find in a structure. The foul smell, coupled with the health threats are so dangerous that if left unattended to, can result in the Health Department taking action against a commercial building. The solution is bat removal by a competent local business.

The bragging rights of having a “Bat Cave” in your residence may be a trendy thing to brag about, but it should be addressed nonetheless.

What to look for:

  1. Staining at the entrance
  2. Large droppings peppered in one area
  3. Ammonia based odor
  4. Early morning and late evening aerobatic displays
  5. Squeaks and chirps concentrated in an given area
  6. Actually seeing bats come and go from an opening

It is illegal to kill bats in Florida. The use of pesticides or poisons for the purpose of harming, killing, or deterring bats is prohibited in the state of Florida. Bats must be legally expelled. To bat removal,  exclusion devices in Florida legally must be used for four consecutive days before the opening is sealed. Bat exclusion cannot be conducted between April 16th and August 14th because when the mothers fly out of the structure and can’t return, they are separated from their flightless young, leaving the young bats trapped in buildings. The young will then die and cause other health concerns because of the decomposition.