Animal Removal Services

Do you hear scratches in the night? Sounds of little feet in the attic? Four legged critters coming and going as they please? Florida is full of invaders that love the comfort of your home and attic! Our nuisance animal removal services can evict them and insure they do not return. Don’t let raccoons live for free! Don’t let wild animals stop you from enjoying your home. Send possums packing! Make squirrels return to the trees! Insist rats live outside! It’s your mortgage and your responsibility to your family. Keep them safe! Don’t let animal problems keep you up at night.

Our experience shows that most raccoons carry the rabies virus without showing any outward signs. We have captured raccoons after they have fallen through the ceilings of bedrooms. Imagine a wake-up call like that! Imagine finding out the stains in your ceiling are not from water. Or that the nasty smell in your attic is not just from stale air. When they live in your attic, they die in your attic. That is why we don’t use poisons; we remove the animals from the premises. We offer Humane Removal.

Squirrels love the wrapping on the outside of electrical wire, especially the ones that go to your air conditioner, heater, dryer, stove, and other 220 volt appliances. Mice chew through air conditioner ducts. Rats will chew through Security Alarm Wiring. Armadillos will mine under your foundation and air conditioner slab. Opossums will bring fleas into your yard. Snakes can just be scarey. Bats love attics. Pigeons love roofs. Ducks will target sidewalks and pools. Pelicans and Seagulls stain docks. Gophers will blow up your yard.

Pets are also at risk to the roving marauders with the black masks, they love dog and cat food. And will beat up on your pet just to show who’s boss. And they are too embarrassed to tell you, so look out for their safety. Call our Tampa Bay Animal Removal specialists at (813) 628-8449 Hillsborough, (727)545-8449 Pinellas now!!